MORBID & JOLLY is a Sustainable 

 Design project, initiated in 2011 b

 Swedish designer Sofia Hovemyr, 

 where existing and unwanted objects 

 get reused and redesigned

M & J is a project where pre-owned objects are incorporated in new designs to make them useful and attractive longer, that is the core of what we do. The collections are mostly made from reused jewelry, toys and key chains, supplemented with as few new elements as possible. The material is donated from helpful supporters or bought second hand. If you have hidden treasures, in terms of jewelry, keychains or small toys, please send us an email!

M & J does workshops on request and also works with  sustainable creativity inspiration.

Creativity, curiosity and a genuine care for people and the environment are all really good reasons to give old objects a new chance. Read more about why it is important to use things longer under SUSTAINABLE DESIGN.

More information about Sofia Hovemyr and other projects can be found at sofiahovemyr.com

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